About Säkra

About Us

A few years ago our co-founder was the subject of a digital stalker.
Being in a situation where you are never in control, and vulnerable to technology, is something no woman should ever endure. Out of that adversity came the idea for Säkra. A clever way to help women take their power back.

Säkra is a Swedish word for “Secure.” And like the name implies, this purse helps deliver on the promise of security through anti-technology. When used properly, our electromagnetic field blocking pocket helps prevent cyber-stalking, identity theft, and can even prevent advertisements from tracking you via your phone.

Once your phone inside, no one knows where you are. Not even Google. No one can harass you. No brands can sell you unwanted products, either.

Säkra is also perfect for those moments when life gets too much. It’s your excuse to give yourself a break from endless Zoom meetings, arguments on social media, media negativity, doom-scrolling and time-sucking phone calls. Block out the world for as long as you want. Refocus you. Be in the moment.

As important as what lies inside, is what’s on the outside, too. Made from premium leather and genuine rattan, Säkra doesn’t sacrifice security for style.

And neither should you.

Säkra handmade privacy purses

The story behind Säkra

We spent two years designing a premium, stylish purse that not only wouldn’t break the bank, but offer something more valuable than any high-end brand label ever could: peace of mind. 

In order to do this, we had to start from the inside out. And that’s how Säkra (pronounced Sek-rah) began. 

Säkra is a Swedish word that means “secure.” Not just the sense of feeing secure, but in being secured, like the way you’d tie a boat to a dock. We believe that that a purse could and should do more than look nice and hold your wallet, lipstick and smart phone.