The Säkra story

The Säkra story

We spent two years designing a premium, stylish purse that not only wouldn’t break the bank, but offer something more valuable than any high-end brand label ever could: peace of mind. 


In order to do this, we had to start from the inside out. And that’s how Säkra (pronounced Sek-rah) began. 


Säkra is a Swedish word that means “secure.” Not just the sense of feeing secure, but in being secured, like the way you’d tie a boat to a dock. We believe that that a purse could and should do more than look nice and hold your wallet, lipstick and smart phone. 


A purse should provide you with three things:




With our patent-pending RFID-blocking Faraday pocket, your mobile phone and credit cards are protected from identity theft. Properly securing your wallet or phone in the pocket prevents people from reaching you.




Ever notice when you go to a mall and then open your social media, you start seeing ads for stores you just passed by? That’s no coincidence. There are beacons strategically placed around shopping areas whose function is to serve you ads. Without your permission. This doesn’t happen when you put your phone in Säkra’s Faraday pocket.




Whether it’s doom scrolling or being exposed to constant negativity on social media, or just staring out of boredom, most of us spend an unhealthy amount of time looking at our screens. Even when you want to get away it’s hard to do so. With Säkra, it’s easy to find some peace of mind. Because once your phone is in the Faraday pocket, it no longer works. People can’t reach you. Ads can’t track you. And effectively, the internet doesn’t exist for as long as you decide.

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