Frequently Asked Questions

Why Säkra?

In a world where cyber-attacks, identity theft and digital stalking have become commonplace, we believe an extra layer of security is necessary for peace of mind. More than this, we believe true mindfulness can only be achieved if we detach from our screens every so often for a moment of digital detox. And while Säkra was designed with these touchpoints in mind, we didn’t want to sacrifice style. We believe that fashion and function aren’t mutually exclusive.   


What is a Faraday pocket?

A Faraday cage is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. The idea of the Faraday pocket in our Säkra purse, is to secure the personal data on your devices that could otherwise be reached by cellular networks, wi-fi trackers, Bluetooth trackers, GPS trackers and even RFID readers. Our faraday pocket will keep your phone, digital wallet, GPS data and even your wifi enabled credit cards secure from digital stalking and theft.

Wouldn’t just turning on “airplane mode” do the same thing?


Not all devices completely disable your GPS when in airplane mode. Apps can still record your approximate location as cell towers still ping your phone. If your phone is compromised it will override your airplane mode without you knowing it. There is no "airplane mode" on your contactless credit cards.
To be completely secure without a pocket you'd have to disable your devide GPS in settings, disable Bluetooth in settings, disable NFC in settings, and disable location tracking in all the apps you use - particularly social media apps. It’s much easier to slip your phone, and your contactless credit cards, into our Faraday pocket.


Why does Säkra cost less than other fashionable purses?

Other purses are more expensive because you’re paying for the brand name—and the markups that go with it. Because we only sell directly to our customers, we’re able to keep our costs to a more attainable level, without markups, but still provide the same level of fashion and style.

What, exactly, is a Säkra purse made of?

Columbian hand dyed leather and open cane rattan weave. Inside, the purse is lined with dark polyester lining, including outside of the Faraday pocket.
The secure Faraday pocket is lined with a electromagnetic blocking fabric that is a combination weave of 99% pure silver nylon yarns and non-conductive yarns.


What about quality?

We spent sixteen months looking across the world for the right factory who would bring Säkra to life in a way that met our exacting standards. After rejecting more than a dozen prototypes, we found a fantastic woman-owned factory in Colombia whose leather supplier is unparalleled. So much so, that they are also suppliers for high fashion purse brands whose names we all know. The difference is that Säkra adds peace of mind.

Are there going to be any new colors?

Absolutely. We’re planning to roll out new colors down the line, and other purse sizes, too.  If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you here.



Where is my order number?

You will find your order number on your original order confirmation as well as any shipment emails.



When exactly will I receive my order?

All orders have a 1 to 2 business day processing time at our warehouse before we ship. How long your order takes to arrive depends on depends on your shipping method, and whether you are inside or outside of the continental United States. 


Where does Säkra ship?

Everywhere, although shipping costs and arrival times will obviously vary depending on where you live.


How do I make a return?

Got to our contact page, fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you with next steps. Please note that original shipping fees are non-refundable, and we only offer free returns in areas where we also offer free shipping.


How much does shipping cost?

This varies by your location, but it is free in the continental United States.


Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

We do, but only if you choose the FedEx or UPS option as your carrier. We are unable to ship to PO Boxes through USPS


If you are all about privacy, why do you ask for our email?

While we’ll certainly need your email and address if you’re placing an order with us, the only other reason we’d reach out is to let you know about upcoming releases. You can opt out from any future emails other than sales confirmation and shipping alerts.

Säkra has no interest in treating your email as data we can sell. In fact, that is the opposite of what we stand for.


How do we get in touch with you?

Head on over to our contact page or send us an email.