Function Meets Fashion

Function Meets Fashion

At Säkra, we believe you should never compromise security for fashion. We thought long and hard about the best solution to an ever-growing problem facing all of us today— lack of security and privacy. But we spent as much time in our two-year development and design process thinking about what would make a stylish purse as much as one that could help provide peace of mind.


We wanted the overall look of our purses to feel classic, yet still have modern touches. One that would at home in an upscale restaurant or professional business setting as it would strolling at the farmer’s market on a lazy weekend outing.


Our exhaustive search scanned the globe for premium leather, genuine rattan that would make a purse that was aesthetically pleasing, and sophisticated. Just as much consideration went into the zippers and strap, too. We sampled dozens of leathers until we found the one that felt right, looked right and even smelled right, too.


Of course the inside was equally important. The RFID-blocking pocket had to do its job but not be loud or unsightly. And the rest of the inside had to be large enough to contain everything you. Might need for the day including your mobile phone, wallet, keys and make up. We decided on a size that was roomy, yet unobtrusive. Not so small that it would defeat the purpose. And not so big that someone would mistake it for a tote bag.


We launched with three colors that are distinctly classic and evocative of the diverse American landscape: Arizona Black, Colorado Pine and California Burgundy. We’re planning to roll out new colors and special editions in the future, too. Stay tuned.

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