Don’t Like This Post

Don’t Like This Post

Picture a scenario where you discover someone is monitoring your child twenty-four hours a day. They know everything about them. What they like. What they dislike. Where they go to school. Who their parents are. Who their friends are. Who their enemies are. And that person can use all of this information to influence your child negatively or positively, seemingly at a whim. They can coerce and manipulate your child into asking you to buy them something. Or they can make your child so upset it has an impact on their mental health.


Would you want this person anywhere near your child? Of course not. Yet this already exists. And it’s not only preying on your children during their waking moments, but it’s also preying on you. Big Tech companies might hide behind the fun of likes and shares and fun emoji and neat looking filters, but if you pull back the curtain, you’ll realize social media is making us sick. We’re self-absorbed, only seeing the world on our screens. And not only that, we’re constantly stressed by an ever-changing algorithm.


At Säkra, our mission is to make people think different. About tech companies. To see them for what they really are: Data mining companies. To stop these companies from letting them dictate and influence our lives and choices. And ultimately, to loosen the grasp that these companies have on us. Because in the end, they profit off our data and give very little in return.


It’s easy to walk away from your laptop, but your phone is always with you, monitoring you and tracking your hopes, wishes and dreams, and those of  your friends and family, you’re connected with, too.


But one simple step to take back that control and get regain some peace of mind, starts with Säkra. By simply putting your phone in our Faraday cage pocket, the tracking and emotional manipulation stops. Whether you’re worried about the influence of social media on your children, are tired of the constant barrage of advertising, or just want to unplug from it all for a few minutes, we believe Säkra can help. And that’s something everyone can like.

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