Decoupling From Stress

Decoupling From Stress

The weather’s getting cooler. The leaves are changing. And while it seems as if the holiday season (and all of the stress that comes with it) is swiftly approaching, there’s never been a better time to pause, reflect, and tune out the negativity. It can be hard to do, especially when phones are glued to our hands.


Between inflation, and supply chains* and rising prices, it seems is if everywhere you look, there’s nothing but bad news. The good news is, you’re in control in how much, or how little you let it affect you. It’s not a question of burying your head in the sand, but creating a mental and emotional safe space so you can recharge your batteries. 


At Säkra, we believe that it has never been more vital to take time to be good to yourself and take care of yourself, too. It’s one of the reasons we launched our purses. Because even if you don’t have the time to go on that morning hike, and even if you had to cancel your yoga class because the kids needed a ride or the office scheduled an unforeseen meeting, you can still find fifteen minutes in your day to decouple from stress.   


Fifteen minutes. It’s such a short amount of time. And yet, it can be feel like a lifetime, too. Once you store your phone in Säkra’s Faraday cage pocket, no one can reach you until you’re ready to be reached. Your phone addiction is actually an easier habit to break than you might think. But it does as much for your mental health and peace of mind as an unexpected snow day. 


We’re personally taking a cue from our parents’ generation and spending more time in the present with people who are in front of us. Only using our mobile phones when necessary, and not out of boredom or habit. We hope you’ll give it a try this season. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel.


*Thankfully our supply chains have not been impacted. We’re fully stocked ready to ship our purses whenever you order.    

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